• 5 Reasons Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Save Money
    Virtual Assistance,  Work From Home

    6 Reasons Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Save Money

    With the recent international health crisis we’ve been experiencing, most companies were forced to shift their business from having employees work in the office to continuing their operations remotely. This is one of the reasons why the demand for Virtual Assistants suddenly peaked. Although most companies view hiring VAs as an additional cost, did you know that hiring a Virtual Assistant can actually help you save a lot of money? Today I will be sharing with you 5 reasons why you should hire a VA if you want to save your company’s resources. 1. Less costs for “part-time workers” Virtual Assistants can be hired for long term projects, short term,…

  • Virtual Assistance,  Work From Home

    Top 5 Essential Project Management Tools for Freelancers

    Have you ever found yourself stuck in a pool of to-do’s, confused about what to accomplish first? Have you ever wondered how you can implement and practice effective management? Ever failed to meet a deadline because there was so much on your plate and not knowing where to start? Certainly, we all have been there. Every once in a while, a freelancer experiences the struggles of juggling several activities without direction on which task to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with committing mistakes, except that we might get bad reviews, but that’s essentially how we learn. The problem, however, is that if it remains to be an unaddressed mistake. The…

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    7 Virtual Assistance Skills You Can Offer This 2020

    After a global pandemic has struck the world, Virtual Assistants and Freelancers have dominated the market – from assisting students in pursuing their education to helping business owners in their day to day operations. Many people have been asking “What are the skills I need in order to become a Virtual Assistant?” too often without even knowing that they already possess the skills that are in demand, especially during this time of a global pandemic. In this post, I will be sharing with you the virtual assistance skills you can offer this 2020. Make sure to check each one out and comment down below which Virtual Assistance Skill you think…

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    Regularly Communicate with Your VA – Here’s Why

    Problems and misunderstandings between clients and VAs usually arise because of one thing – miscommunication. Your Virtual Assistant might be an expert in their own field, but your way of doing things might be different from theirs. Because of this, misunderstandings might arise. Today, we will be sharing with you the reasons why you should regularly communicate with your VA.  Remote relationship is “complicated” People who see each other every day get into fights because of misunderstandings whether in the workplace or at home. Can you imagine how hard it is to make sure you are on the same page with someone who you only talk to over the phone…

  • 8 Things You Need To Know In Dealing with Difficult Clients
    Virtual Assistance,  Work From Home

    8 Things You Need To Know In Dealing with Difficult Clients

    In your journey in the Virtual Assistance World, you will encounter different types of clients and this included those who are difficult to deal with. There are times when they will give you a hard time and ask you to revise your output countless of times before they finally accept it, pay you way past the agreed date, and make you doubt your skills and capabilities. They will make you feel insecure, make you question yourself and wonder why you even embarked on the journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant. You have to remember that you are not working “for” them – you are working “with” them. All you have…

  • things you need to start working as a freelancer
    Work From Home

    5 Things You Need To Start Working as a Freelancer

    The Freelancing World has long been thriving even before this pandemic started but after we have been hit by an international health crisis that pushed the government to mandate strict work from home guidelines for businesses and companies who want to continue with their usual operations. Of course, not all can continue their operations from a remote workplace so some businesses were forced to lay off some workers or worse, declare bankruptcy.  This pandemic has been the spark that ignited a fire in the Freelancing World but many people, especially those who are new to this have been asking “What do I need to start a Freelancing Business or Be…

  • The New Normal Working From Home Effectively Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak
    Work From Home

    The New Normal: Working From Home Effectively Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

    When we were struck by a global pandemic, the government needed to take the necessary actions to prevent Coronavirus from being spread from one person to another: flights were banned, universities canceled classes, mass transportations were suspended, and the working class isn’t exempted from the suspensions and cancellations as well. With the government’s call to strict implementation of physical distancing, many businesses and companies were forced to continue their operations remotely and have their employees work from home. The problem is, working from home isn’t for everyone. There are people who find it hard to focus on work-related tasks if they aren’t working on it from their office desks. Some,…

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    Safe Payment Options For Freelancers

    Living in a fast-paced world where technology plays an important role also means that our way of living, studying, shopping, payment options, and even working, is affected by this rapid change as well. Before, people used to go to libraries to do their research. Now, all they have to do is browse the internet to access thousands of books and references. People can also shop for clothes, shoes, and even medicine just by a swipe of their fingers. One of the aspects that technology has a huge impact on is the working sector of our society. Before, you have to go directly to companies to submit your resumes. Now, you…

  • Beginner’s Guide_ How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog on Bluehost

    Beginner’s Guide: How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog on Bluehost

    Since the peak of technology, many people have resorted to the internet in setting up their businesses, in hiring freelancers, and in the process of earning itself even while sleeping. Today, I will be sharing with you how you can set up your Word Press Blog on Blue Host in the easiest way possible! But first, why should you set up your blog on Bluehost? 1. It is professional. If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you should consider setting it up on a professional hosting provider which would help monetize your contents. This is one of the best ways on how you can earn…

  • Interview with Mommy Christine Levine
    Success Stories

    Interview with Mommy Christine Levine

    Are you tired in travelling to your work and has no time for your family? It’s now possible to spend more time with your family and stay at the comfort of your home. You can even work in your pajamas and never get stuck on traffic again. This is because you now have an option work from home and earn dollars! Check out the story below of a successful mom Christine Levine that will inspire you more to start your freelancing and work from home business. What exactly is the nature of your work? Digital Marketing and Administrative VA When did you start working as a freelancer? January 2017 Why…

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